Q. I'm interested but don't have any knowledge of the NTC or Seamanship, so is there any point in me joining?

A. Yes, it doesn't matter, we will teach you everything that you need to know.


Q. It all looks good, but I don't want to camp, do I have to?

A. No, no extra activity is compulsory.


Q. Can I just join the band?

A. No, You must attend the Parade Night on a Tuesday Night.


Q. Can I join but not come every week?

A. No, although under certain situations alternative arrangements can be discussed.


Q. I am only 8 and find the finishing time too late, what can I do?

A. We can organise an earlier finishing time to suit the cadets.


Q. I'm not sure if I would be any good, but want to have a go, can I?

A. Yes, you will get a trial period to decide if you like it before you join.


Q. Do I have to wear a uniform?

A. Yes, all cadets must wear a uniform.


Q. How do I join?

A. go to the joining page and follow the instructions.