A Uniformed, Disciplined Youth Organisation for Children & Adults from the Age of 8 Years.

The Corps is open to both girls and boys from the age of 8 years old, therefore we have no restriction on gender and over the years have found that girls are taking on the position of leaders within the Corps.

There is also no discrimination in the NTC against religion, race or disabilities.

Although a common assumption, we are not connected in any way to the Sea Cadets or Scouts.


It must be understood that the Corps is disciplined based, but it is not over-the-top with it’s discipline. Cadets will learn drill and many other skills that help towards self-control. Cadets will learn how to look after their uniform.

Adults - What about Joining

If you enjoy the company of children and have some spare time then you have the potential to become an instructor or even an officer within the Nautical Training Corps. We understand the amount of commitment that people can give will vary and therefore we can gauge what people can do within the N.T.C.

You do not need a nautical or teaching background as the corps can provide member with any necessary information & instructions.


 Remember If you have a question, just ask!

 E-mail us at co@tsimplacablentc.org