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Correct answers are filled in MAGENTA


1 Who was the Roman Emperor whose tax demands forced Mary & Joseph to go to Bethlehem?

  a) Augustus b) Claudius c)Josephus


2 In which sea does Christmas Island lie?

  a) Atlantic Ocean b) Pacific Ocean c) Indian Ocean


3 Who succeeded Herod as King of Judea?

  a) Archelaus b) Bethamite c) Herod


4 Ivy was traditionally associated with which mythical figure?

  a) Gabriel b) Bacchus c) Santa Clause


5 Which of these is not one of Santa's reindeer?

  a) Blitzen b) Comet c) Lightning


6 Who wrote the song white Christmas?

  a) Irving Berlin b) George & Ira Gershwin c) Jerome Kern


7 Which of the Jaws movies is set on Christmas Eve?

  a) Jaws 2 b) Jaws 3 c) Jaws the Revenge


8 In 1944 who recorded the 1st version of " Have yourself a very merry little Christmas"?

  a) Bing Crosby b) Judy Garland c) Frank Sinatra


9 Because of its paganism association mistletoe is banned from Britains churches with one exception

  what is it?

  a) Ely Cathedral b) Westminster Abbey c) York Minster


10 According to a 1983 calculation approximately how much would the presents detailed in "The Twelve

Day's of Christmas" cost?

a) £3300 b) £ 6300 c) £9300


11 Where did the holy family go after leaving Bethlehem?

a) Egypt b) Jerusalem c) Nazareth

depending on which book of the bible you read


12 Which carol includes the chorus line "And it's tidings of comfort and joy"?

a) God Rest You Merry Gentlemen b) O Come All Ye Faithful c) Good King Wenceslas


13 Which future pop star made an early appearance as a backing singer on Phil Spectors Christmas album?

  a) Cher b) Diana Ross c) Nancy Sinatra


14 The South African province Natal (derived from Nativity) was so named because which European landed there on Christmas Day 1497?

  a) Francis Drake b) Vasco Da Gama c) Marco Polo



15 In which country does Santa Claus ride on a straw goat called Ukko?

  a) Barbados b) Finland c) The Philippines


16 "Mele Malikimaka" means Merry Christmas in which languange?

 a) Hawaiian b) Hopi c) Tagalong


17 Which classic children's novel starts with the father of the house being wrongly arrested at Christmas?

 a) The Secret Garden b) Peter Pan c) The Railway Children


18 The poem " A Visit From St Nicholas" is better known as what?

a) Over The Rainbow b) The Night Before Christmas c) Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer


19 What do children in France leave out for Santa to fill with presents?

a) Shoes b) Baskets c) Stockings


20 St Nicholas is the patron saint of children and which other group of people?

a) Chimney sweeps b) Candlestick makers c) Sailors


21 Of the seven years between 1963 and 1969 how many Christmas album charts saw The Beatles at #1?

a) 3 b) 6 c)7


22 According to tradition in the Low Countries where does St Nicholas come from?

a) China b) the North Pole c) Spain


23 In the "Twelve Days of Christmas" which day is Christmas Day?

a) The first b) The seventh c) The twelfth


24 In which country is there a festival called "Jonkonnu during the Christmas season?

a) Andorra b) Jamaica c) St Lucia


25 What are male turkeys called?

a) Cocks b) Dogs c) Toms


26 Who plays Scrooge in "The Muppet Christmas Carol"

a) Rowan Atkinson b) Kermit c) Michael Caine


27 On what date is Christmas celebrated in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church?

a) 7th December b) 25th December c) 7th January


28 In which European country do children receive gifts from the Magi on 5th January?

a) Turkey b) Denmark c) Spain


29 What is the name of the angel who saves James Stewart's life in the Christmas film

" It's a Wonderful Life"?

a) Clarence b) Arthur c) Benjamin


30 In 1970 who became the 1st act to have a "Greatest Hits" album at #1 in Britain over Christmas?

a) The Beatles b) Andy Williams c) Max Bygraves


31 According to Dutch tradition St Nicholas has a companion when he is giving out presents called what?

a) Peter Stumpf b) Black Peter c) Stubbe Peters


32 What song was 1st recorded in 1949 by the singing cowboy "Gene Autry" selling 2millon copies in

its 1st year?

a) Santa Claus is Coming to Town b) Mary's Boy Child c) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


33 What day does St Nicholas Day fall on?

a) 6th December b) 16th December c) 26th December


34 Which 1988 Bruce Willis film was set on Christmas Eve?

a) Die Hard b) Look whose Talking c)Twelve Monkeys


35 What was the 1st single to be a Christmas #1 twice in Britain?

a) Bohemian Rhapsody b) Do They Know Its Christmas c) Merry Xmas Everyone


36 In the Gospel According to St Matthew, what did the angel of the Lord say that Mary's baby should

be called

a) Elias b) Emmanuel c) Jesus


37 In which country are Christmas presents traditionally given to children by an old woman named

La Befana

a) Brazil b) France c) Italy


38 What is traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve in Italy

a) Eels b) Reindeer c) Nothing it is a fast


39 How many ghosts appear to Scrooge in Dickens book "A Christmas Carol"

a) Two b) Three c) Four


40 Who had a hit in 1973 with the single "Step Into Christmas"

a) Elton John b) Paul McCartney c) Ringo Starr


41 Which was the 1st country to print a special stamp for Christmas

a) Canada b) Madagascar c) Uruguay


42 What was the name of John the Baptist's mother?

a) Mary b) Elizabeth c) Salome


43 Where would you find a Christmas Tree Worm?

a) In a forest b) In the ground c) In the sea


44 A traditional Danish Christmas is always celebrated in the American city of Dannebrog

what state is Dannebrog in?

a) Atlanta b) Nebraska c) New York


45 The 1st known mention of 25th December as Christmas Day comes in a Roman calendar

from which year?

a) 236 b) 336 c) 436


46 Christmas disease is a variation of which disease?

a) Mumps b) Haemophilia c) Leprosy


47 Which spacecraft made a live broadcast whilst orbiting the moon on Christmas Eve 1968?

a) Apollo 8 b) Vulcan 9 c) Challenger 10


48 In what country is dried cod traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve?

a) Japan b) Sweden c) Norway


49 What sign of the zodiac would you be if you were born on Christmas Day?

a) Aquarius b) Capricorn c) Libra


50 Before holly was fully accepted by Christianity in England what plant was used to decorate

churches at Christmas ?

a) Laurel b) Silver Fir c) Rosemary


51 How many ships came sailing by on Christmas day in the morning ?

a) 4 b) 3 c) 2


52 The economy of Christmas Island was originally based on which kind of mining ?

a) Coral b) Diamond c) Phosphate


53 What Christmas tradition did Thomas Smith create ?

a) Christmas crackers b) Christmas pudding c) Christmas cards


54 How many reindeer are normally shown pulling Santa's sleigh ?

a) 4 b) 6 c) 8


55 Who wrote the 1957 children's book " how the Grinch Stole Christmas" ?

a) Enyd Blyton b) Roald Dahl c) Dr Seuss


56 The herb Christmas Bells is native to which country ?

a) Australia b) Israel c) Korea


57 Which English king was crowned on Christmas Day ?

a) Henry VIII b) William the Conqueror c) Edward VII


58 A popular Argentinian dish at Christmas is " ninos envueltos" , slices of beef rolled and filled with

mincemeat ; what does "ninos envueltos" mean ?

a) Beef blankets b) Nine envelopes c) Stuffed children


59 In which year did the Pope remove the Feast of St Nicholas from the Catholic calendar ?

a) 1769 b) 1869 c) 1969


60 After "White Christmas" which Christmas song has more recorded versions than any other ?

a) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas b) Jingle Bells c) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


61 In the 1983 film "Trading Places" who does Eddie Murphy swap places with one Christmas ?

  a) Dan Ackroyd b) James Belushi c) Bill Murray


62 Baron Fitznoodle appears in which traditional pantomime ?

a) Jack and the Beanstalk b) Cinderella c) Puss in Boots


63 In the musical version of Scrooge who starred as Scrooge ?

a) Peter O Toole b) Albert Finney c) Anthony Newley


64 What saint's day is celebrated on Boxing Day ?

a) Saint Jerome b) Saint John the Baptist c) Saint Stephen


65 Who is generally thought to have introduced Christmas trees to Britain?

a) Prince Albert b) George IV c) Charles Dickens


66 What Christmas custom did Ralph E Morris introduce in 1895?

a) Jokes in crackers b) Electric lights on Christmas trees c) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


67 The expression "turkey the tenth" comes from which sport?

a) Base ball b) Bowling c) Pool


68 When does the Catholic Church celebrate the Feast of St Joseph the earthly father of Jesus?

a) 19 December b) 19 March c) 19 June


69 Traditional Christmas dinner in Scandinavia includes a dish called "julgrot; what type of dish is it?

a) Lemming soup b) Smoked herring c) Rice pudding


70 How many candles are there traditionally on an advent wreath?

a) 24 b) 4 c) 9


71 Apart from "A Christmas Carol" Dickens wrote 4 other Christmas novels; which of these is not one

of them?

a) The Cricket on the Hearth b) The Haunted Man c) The Witch of Prague


72 Which Scandinavian country sends a Christmas tree to London every year?

a) Sweden b) Norway c) Finland


73 Where did the custom of eating turkey at Christmas originate?

a) America b) Germany c) Russia


74 Which fictional character made his 1st appearance in "Beeton's Christmas Annual" in 1887?

a) Dracula b) Scrooge c) Sherlock Holmes


75 According to Syrian legend who gives out presents at Christmas?

a) Aladdin b) The King of the Fairies c) A camel


76 How many times did Cliff Richard have a record at #1 in the singles chart at Christmas?

a) Never b) Once c) Twice


77 Whose gospel tells the tale of the shepherds visiting the infant Jesus?

a) St Mark b) St Luke c) St John


78 Good King Wenceslas was actually a Duke of where?

a) Bohemia b) Prague c) Saxony


79 Which American group released the single "Little Saint Nick" in 1963?

a) The Beach Boys b) The Byrds c) The Four Seasons


80 On average how many Christmas cards are sent per head of population in the UK? (2000 statistic)

a) 7 b) 27 c) 47


81 According to English superstition, on what day do ghosts not appear?

a) Christmas Eve b) Boxing Day c) Twelfth Night



82 Which song includes the line "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"?

a) The Christmas Song b) Merry Christmas Everyone c) White Christmas


83 A turkey has approximately how many feathers?

a) 1,500 b) 3,500 c) 5,500


84 The original version of Band Aid's "Do hey Know It's Christmas" had an all British cast except

for members of which American group?

a) Sister Sledge b) Kool and the Gang c) Van Halen


85 What spice is used to flavour the traditional Christmas drink of "eggnog"?

a) Cloves b) Cinnamon c) Nutmeg


86 Which rock singer starred in the 1983 film "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence"?

a) David Bowie b) Mick Jagger c) Sting


87 In both Indiana and Idaho there is a town with which of these names?

a) Christmasville b) Santa Claus c) Tinsletown


88 In which country would you find a straw goat called a "Julbukk" as a Christmas decoration ?

a) Canada b) Israel c) Sweden


89 What plant is allowed only into Christian churches in Britain between Christmas Eve and Twelfth Night

a) Oak leaves b) Willow c) Holly


90 According to St Luke who was the 1st person visited by Gabriel to announce an impending birth?

a) Mary b) Joseph c) Zacharias


91 Approximately how many copies of the 1st Christmas card were sold?

a) 10 b) 100 c) 1000


92 Which of the gospels gives the fullest account of Christ's birth and early childhood?

a) St John b) St Luke c) St Mark


93 What was the traditional Christmas dinner prior to the turkey?

a) Beef b) Goose c) Duck


94 Where would you find the Christmas frigate bird?

a) Indian Ocean b) Artic c) Black Sea


95 What toy was the biggest seller at Christmas in 1982?

a) Cabbage Patch dolls b) ET dolls c) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


96 Which over-thrown dictator was executed on Christmas Day 1989?

a) Nicolae Ceaucescu b) Erich Honaker c) Ferdinand Marcos


97 The light Christmas cake "pannetone" is traditionally eaten in which country?

a) Greece b) Italy c) Spain


98 Which Christian festival occurs 40 days after Christmas?

a) Ascension Day b) Candlemas c) Lammastide


99 Which cactus is grown in Britain as a houseplant and flowers around Christmas time?

a) Christmas cactus b) Easter cactus c) Orchid cactus


100 Where would you find a valve system known as a Christmas tree?

a) In a car engine b) In your heart c) On an oil well


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